Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Bunny on the Loose: A Seek and Solve Mystery - Book Review

The golden egg is missing! Wendy Wax and Dave Garbot's newest picture puzzle book tells of an egg-straordinary egg-mergency. Someone in Easterville has nabbed the Easter Bunny's special golden egg, and the Easter Bunny is on the Loose searching everywhere for clues to discover who took his golden egg. To help solve the mystery, readers must search the detailed, double-page spreads (reminiscent of the Where's Waldo books) to locate the Easter Bunny in the scenes and find important evidence left by an egg-snatching suspect.  As each of the clues are located, the possible suspects (pictured in the beginning of the book) can be eliminated one by one until a culprit emerges.

My kids enjoy solve-it-yourself mystery books as well as seek and finds so we were happy to receive this book for review from HarperCollins. The fun, Easter-themed Seek and Solve Mystery kept them happily entertained for quite awhile.  Even after they solved the mystery they continued to pour over the busy, comic-style illustrations, looking at all the silly sights in Easterville (An Eggcellent Place to Live). Besides eggs, chicks, and the usual Easter fare, there are bunnies, bunnies everywhere -- bunny ballet, a carrot concession stand and a gigantic chocolate bunny. There's also a green frog hiding in every scene, though we have no idea why he'd be interested in living in Easterville unless he's looking for some hopping lessons.

Do you have a little reading detective in your home?  Easter Bunny on the Loose! A Seek and Solve Mystery makes a colorful, amusing addition to any child's spring-themed library. Also it's a good fit for kids that enjoy Where's Waldo or I Spy style books. Other "On the Loose" series books include Monsters on the Loose! and Santa on the Loose!
Easter Bunny on the Loose!: A Seek and Solve Mystery! by Wendy Wax, illustrated by Dave Garbot. HarperCollins (January 2013); ISBN 9780062237095; 32 pages
Source: Review copy provided by publisher
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Clue Chart - Story Extension

I like to use mystery books to help my kids make use of their critical thinking and problem solving skills. While reading this story and searching the pages, my kids wanted help keeping track of all the clues and suspects (the suspects are pictured in the front of the book). Since the story is essentially an easy logic problem, I printed a chart for them log their clues and eliminate suspects in an organized, systematic fashion. 

For more lesson plans, books and activity ideas involving mystery books for young readers view the Ingredients of a Mystery unit plan at Scholastic.  There's even a blank suspect list you can print out for free!