Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day Baskets

My kids spread some spring cheer yesterday by hanging May Baskets on our neighbor's doors. We made 12 baskets total and placed a marigold plant inside each one. We usually use cut flowers from around the yard but this year, due to the early spring, all of our spring flowers are already finished blooming!

It only takes 3 pieces of 12" x 12" scrapbook paper to make 12 holders. Cut each piece of scrapbook paper into four - 6 inch square sections. Fold the squares into cones using the guide below. Staple the cone flaps together, punch holes on the sides and add a piece of ribbon for a handle.
We also attached a little May Day poem to our baskets. I found a lovely poem in an old poetry book, Tentative poems; a collection of verse written during the past four years by Charles Frederick James Nightingale Stott. The poem is titled "May-Day" and below is the portion we included with our baskets:

"All around in nature's world 
Visions bright are seen to-day, 
 Blossoms of the thorn unfurled 
Tell my soul 'tis gladsome May!"
 - Charles Frederick James Nightingale Stott