Friday, March 2, 2012

Full to the Brim - Kid's Book Giveaway List (3/2/12)

Welcome to this week's edition of FTTB! Full to the Brim is a weekly list I compile by hand of children's book giveaway online contests. Please check out my other "Full to the Brim" posts as well. Many contests are still underway. I *try to* publish "Full to the Brim" every Friday. If I missed your book giveaway, feel free to mention it in the comment section or send me an email.

(Despite how it looks, I have not forgotten my blog. The past couple weeks we've been battling various illnesses including strep and the stomach flu. I'm also smack dab in the middle of running our school's book fair. Thanks for your patience, and I promise there are more reviews to come on Brimful.)

It's a Dr. Seuss giveaway edition today!

Wonder Forge Dr. Seuss Game Giveaway at obSEUSSed - Ends 3/8

Cat in the Hat gift packs from PBS Kids
Teach Mama - Ends 3/9
Imagination Soup - Ends 3/5
Crazy About My Bay Bah - Ends 3/15
The Mama Maven - Ends 3/5
Mom It Forward - Ends 3/2
2 Boys + 1 Girl = 1 Crazy Mom - Ends 3/15
The Domestic Buzz - Ends 3/8
I"m not the Nanny - Ends 3/11

7th Generation Lorax Gift Pack Giveaways (some include book)
Coupon Geek - Ends 3/3
Growing My Kids Reviews - Ends 3/28
Momma in Flip Flops - Ends 3/15
Musing Maine-iac - Ends 3/13
Organic Mommy Today - Ends 3/2
Two Kids and a Coupon - Ends 3/13
A Thrifty Diva - Ends 3/9
Debras Dollars - Ends 3/25
Mom Files - Ends 3/9
The Children's Nook - Ends 3/25
Raising my 5 Sons - Ends 3/8
Connected 2 Christ - Ends 3/8

Universal Pictures Lorax Prize Packs
The Dirty t Shirt - Ends 3/9
The Mom Reviews - Ends 3/8
Blessings Abound Mommy - Ends 3/9
Mom Start - Ends 3/5
Simply Being Mommy - Ends 3/9
A Nut in a Nutshell - Ends 3/15
My Four Monkeys - Ends 3/5
An Island Life - Ends 3/9
She Scribes - Ends 3/5
Guessing All the Way - Ends 3/2

Silver Dolphin Dr. Seuss Building Block Giveaways
Heck of a Bunch – Ends 3/6
A Frugal Friend – Ends 3/6
Sweeps4Bloggers – Ends 3/13
My SLC Mommy – Ends 3/13
Babies Gotta Have It – Ends 3/14
Booking Mama – Ends 3/15

Fish for more children's book giveaways at Lori Calabrese's Fish for a Free Book linkup each Friday