Friday, December 16, 2011

Calico Critters Margaret and Halley’s Dress Shop

Do you have all your holiday shopping finished? During a last minute shopping trip yesterday I noticed many families in search of last minute stocking stuffers. If you are buying stocking stuffers and gifts for a little girl, she might enjoy a Calico Critters set. My daughter adores playing with these small, fuzzy animal figures. She received her first set at age four and continues to request new sets every year.

Earlier this fall we received a new set to review: the Calico Critters Margaret and Halley’s Dress Shop. This mother/daughter bear set is very cute! My daughter was so excited to see that the set includes a change of clothes for both of the bears, plus tons of accessories! Having extra clothes available makes imaginative Calico Critter play a whole lot more enjoyable. In fact, Mother Bear was kind enough to share some of her wardrobe with my daughter's other Calico Critter animals!

Calico Critters Margaret and Halley’s Dress Shop includes the following items:
• 2 Bear Figurines
• 4 Clothing Sets
• 2 mannequins
• Mother Bear Necklace and Purse
• Baby Bear Headband and Hat
• Tiny Hand Mirror
• Mini animal toy for Baby Bear
• Framed wall portrait

The Dress Shop set retails for $18.95. The mother bear figure has poseable arms and legs, but the baby bear is not poseable. My daughter is finally old enough that she can dress her animals herself so this set with all the mini accessories and dresses is perfect for her. She has spent many hours playing with her bears and other animals (she also owns the Calico Critters Dalmatian Dog Family and the Calico Critters Norwood Mouse Family).

Isn't it just the cutest thing how Mother Bear's tail sticks out of the back of her dress? The detail in all the Calico Critter products is remarkable. I can't imagine how hard it must be to manufacture such small clothes for the animals. All the clothing and items in this set live up to the high quality we expect in the Calico Critters lines. Because the set include very small parts, I would recommend you also purchase a storage container to keep everything together. Some of the items are easily lost. My daughter keeps her Calico Critters collection in a large, lidded container.

Thanks to Growing Tree Toys for sending along a Calico Critter set for my family to review.


playmobil said...

I really love this figurine toy. I like the way that you can dress up the little bear and wear them with whatever you want.