Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Circling the Tree

(Note to Santa: Please remember to take the toys out of the package and make sure they work before delivering them on Christmas Eve.)

Our tree is up! Underneath the tree my son's Geotrax Christmas train makes its rounds. He received the train last year as a present from Santa. Santa must have forgotten to do a final quality check because he delivered a non-working train - a dud! Those elves need to do a better job making the toys! Luckily my son didn't seem to mind in the least and played with it manually. Oh, to be a innocent young child, glad for all gifts, even non-working ones! Even so, a few weeks later Santa had a new, working train delivered to our home. We're enjoying watching and listening to it chug around our tree this year and hope it continues to work year after year after year.

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Anonymous said...

I should do this with our Geotrax! I tried to put all blue lights on our tree, but my 5 year old insisted we have all the colors. This is a really sweet pic and a very pretty tree.