Thursday, June 23, 2011

VBS Craft and Activity Ideas Needed

Yes, despite my neglected blog, I'm still around! This week I've been busy with working on helping to plan our VBS. I'm currently looking for craft ideas, songs and other activities that correspond with the following themes:

- Jesus is Our King
- The Lord is My Shepherd
- God is the Great Creator
- Praise the Lord

If you have ideas or have posted on any of those topics, let me know.

I'm also looking for "the best" picture book version of Psalm 23. Any suggestions or favorites?

Back soon with more posts, I promise!


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I have at least one creation craft on my blog, for younger kids. Earth Day crafts often work well for that too - things like planting grass in cups. Making cheerleading pom-poms might work for Prais the Lord - and of course, there are lots of great sheep ideas for the Lord is my Shepherd - we made some sheep placecards on clothespins once, the kids enjoyed doing. For Jesus is our King, I think I'd google frisbees crafts, and look for something that could be made crown like, or decorated with a crown, like a paper plate with the inside cut out, and turned up, to "toss" at the feet of the King (sort of loosely from Rev. 4)

Are you not working with a published material?

Ticia said...

A couple of places to check out for ideas: DLTK-kids Bible, Catholic Icing (I know they have crafts that would fit those themes).
I have to see if I can find some crafts I've got hidden away for Creation. I have one on my blog for each of the different days.

Also check out Christian Children's Blog, or something like that she reviews lots of books and she probably knows of a good one for Psalm 23.