Friday, December 10, 2010

Full to the Brim - Kid's Book Giveaway List (12/10/10)

During the holiday season the number of children's book giveaway contests increases substantially. I've highlighted a few that I've found, but there are many more blog contests currently underway. If you have a children's book giveaway you'd like listed, please let me know.

Please check out my other "Full to the Brim" posts as well. Many contests are still underway. I publish "Full to the Brim" every Friday. Thanks for visiting my blog and come back soon!

My Giveaways:
Chronicle Books Celebrate the Haul-idays $500 Book Giveaway Promotion - Ends 12/13/10
Despicable Me Prize Pack (includes books) - Ends 12/13/10
The Night Before Christmas Book Giveway - Ends 12/15/10

Other Book giveaways:

DustinNikki Mommy of Three - Book Giveaway Ends 12/23/10
Barefoot Books Giveaway
Becoming Sarah - Book Giveaway Ends 12/12/10
Too Many Toys by David Shannon
Deal Wise Mommy - Book Giveaway Ends 12/12/10
Little Star by Anthony Destefano
Reading to Know - Book Giveaway Ends 12/13/10
Little Rabbit's Christmas by Harry Horse
Cool Baby Kid - Book Giveaway Ends 12/12/10
Disney Toy Story 3 Record-a-Book & Playbox and Princess Dreams Record-a-Book & Tangled Music Player
The Ahotaeiloa Family - Book Giveaway Ends 12/27/10
Perfect Piggies Book and Plush by Sandra Boynton
Freebies and Much More - Book Giveaway Ends 12/11/10
Choice of a book from Silver Dolphin Books
My Mink Betty - Book Giveaway Ends 12/10
Set of children's Christmas books
Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves - Book Giveaway Ends 12/12/10
Great Holiday Give Box of Books
Obviously MARvelous - Book Giveaway Ends 12/29/10
The Classic Treasury Of Childhood Wonders
Shawn's Sharings - Book Giveaway Ends 12/15/10
A Christmas Carol Pop-Up Book
Mommy Kat and Kids - Book Giveaway Ends 12/21/10
Klutz® Kids Cooking
Mommy Kat and Kids - Book Giveaway Ends 12/21/10
The Truth About My Name and Doodle Journal from Scholastic
Boos and Rawrs - Book Giveaway Ends 12/15/10
Make Your Own Sock Puppet kit
Boos and Rawrs - Book Giveaway Ends 12/13/10
World’s best origami book
Mommy PR - Book Giveaway Ends 12/10/10
Sleeping Bear Press Holiday Book Set
Bookin With Bingo - Book Giveaway Ends 12/27/10
Olivia Goes To Venice by Ian Falconer
Bookin With Bingo - Book Giveaway Ends 12/16/10
Angelina's Christmas, Tip-Top Crafts, Donald's Christmas Gift
Simple Kids - Book Giveaway Ends 12/12/10
Cooking Fun, Crafting Fun, and Homemade Fun by Rae Grant
Booking Mama- Book Giveaway Ends 12/16/10
GREEN EGGS AND HAM Prize Pack sponsored by National Pork Board
Simply Stacie - Book Giveaway Ends 12/24/10
It’s Christmas, David! by David Shannon
Debbie's World of Books - Book Giveaway Ends 12/25/10
$20 Amazon gift card
Sarah Jane Studios - Book Giveaway Ends 12/12/10
Signed copy of Christmas is Here illustrated by Lauren Castillo
Just Another Review Blog - Book Giveaway Ends 12/15/10
Good Night, Little Sea Otter by Janet Halfmann
Tight Wad in Utah - Book Giveaway Ends 12/16/10
Ammo Books: ABC is for Circus

Tiger Tales Christmas Book Giveaway:
The collection includes two classic tales: Twas the Night Before Xmas and Jingle Bells, and three original tales: The Very Snowy Christmas, I've Seen Santa, and Shhh! Ends 12/14

Second Annual Inkies Giveaway Extravaganza:
The Enchanted Inkpot is giving away two huge sets of books perfect for MG/YA readers. Ends 12/17 Full details at

Lerner books contest
: Set of either three new lower grade series OR three new upper grade series. See blog for entry details. Ends 12/19

Ivy + Bean Giveaways:
The Children's Book Review Ends 12/31
There's A Book Ends 12/12

Scholastic Holiday Prize Pack Giveaways:
Mark it with a B Ends 12/18
The Bragging Mommy Ends 12/16
Grandbabies 101 Ends 12/16

13 Words by Lemony Snicket Prize Pack Giveaways:
The Shopping Mama Ends 12/17
Busy Working Mama Ends 12/17
Simply Stacie Ends 12/16
My Four Monkeys Ends 12/20

Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories Giveaways:
Mommy Enterprises Ends 12/19
The Charmed Mom Ends 12/15
Army Wife Life and Reviews Ends 12/10
It's Me Melbie Ends 12/16

Fish for more children's book giveaways at Lori Calabrese's Fish for a Free Book linkup each Friday

I Am A Reader, Not A Writer also has a new book giveaway linky with lots of YA and some other kid's books.

Have a children's book you are giving away on your blog? Let me know! I'll spread the word here!


Tracey M. said...

I get such great book ideas just from visiting your site. These giveaways are great that you list in one place! I love that some of these books are at my library too.

Happy Birthday Author said...

Thanks for the list. I visited quite a few of them today - it is snowing big time in Ohio and my wife and kids had snow days. Fun activity for a snowy day!