Monday, December 13, 2010

A Book on Every Bed - Give the Gift of Reading

Last week Amy Dickinson, in her newspaper advice column, presented her readers with a challenge. She wants every child to wake up Christmas morning and a find wrapped book on his or her bed. The goal of this homegrown campaign, "A Book on Every Bed," is to spread the word about the importance of reading together. The gist of the campaign? If you have a child in your home, she hopes you'll consider placing a book on his or her bed this holiday season. That's it! Simple enough, isn't it?

Even though our home is filled with books, we always make a point to always give a special book to each of our children on Christmas. We try to pick one high quality hardcover specifically handpicked for each of our that will appeal to their interests, a book that they will want to read over and over and treasure forever. Placing the books right on their beds sounds like a splendid idea. It will be the first gift they see!

This is a also good time of the year to consider giving books to others. Playing by the Book - List of Book Charities Around the World is a wonderful resource for those wishing to discover charities that support and encourage literacy. Additionally, with budget cuts looming in most communities, now is the perfect to donate to public and school libraries so that they are able to update their collections.


Books don't have to be expensive. Ideally it is best to support your local booksellers and help out the indie booksellers in this difficult economy. They often offer special deals if you watch carefully. There are also many good deals online. Watch for coupons. If you shop around, you can even find really nice hardcovers for affordable prices.

As far as what books to buy, a good place to start is with the recommended lists.
This roundup on Chicken Spaghetti is wonderful: The Best Children's Books 2010: A List of Lists and Awards. It includes lists like Publisher's Weekly Best Children's Books 2010.

Hardcover Book Deals under $10 (Keep in mind that sometimes bargain books have remainder marks & often don't come with a dust jacket. However, it is nice to have hardcover books in the home and buying the bargains is an affordable way to add to your home library.)

Amazon's Bargain Books section usually has some great deals. Also, they often offer deep discounts on bestsellers. Some worth mentioning right now (For some reason the bargain prices aren't appearing in the widget. If you click on over, you'll see the bargain price for many of the titles (i.e. Pout Pout Fish $6.80)):

Barnes & Noble Bargains:
Wonder Bear by Tao Nyeu $5.38
Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire! by Jane O'Connor $5.38
Boats by Byron Barton $5.38

So, what books will be on our kids' beds on Christmas morning? Shhh...don't tell. It has been rumored that Bink and Gollie and Shark Vs. Train will be the newest additions to our home library.

Are you buying books for kids this Christmas? If so, what titles are you planning to wrap?

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Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

We're giving Anna Around the World with Mouk -

Brimful Curiosities said...

Raising A Happy Child - Marc Boutavant is an awesome illustrator. I've never seen Mouk in person, but we own his illustrated book, All Kinds of Families. Love the detail and retro-ish look.

Christy Killoran said...

We always give the kids books for Christmas. I am just about done with my shopping, but I haven't bought the books yet.

Pamela said...

What a beautiful idea. Christmas wasn't Christmas at our house without new the grown kids still get their books and the grands do, too. In fact, most of my gifts for Children at Christmas and throughout the year are books. It's my favorite gift, too!

Zoe @ Playing by the book said...

Thanks for linking to my charity list! Aah, books and christmas... I find it hard to stop buying when there's the excuse of christmas. And with m's birthday just days before Christmas we'll have even more new books to curl up together with on the sofa!