Saturday, November 20, 2010

Full to the Brim - Kid's Book Giveaway List (11/20/10)

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My Giveaways:
Disney Tangled Merchandise Giveaway - Ends 11/24/10
The Bug That Plagued the Entire Third Grade by Lori Calabrese - Ends 11/22/10
Huge Scholastic Holiday Book Giveaway - Ends 12/6/10

Other Book giveaways:

My Trendy Tikes - Book Giveaway Ends 11/26/10
4 Klutz Books
Becoming Sarah - Book Giveaway Ends 11/21/10
Board Book Giveaway: The Birthday Box by Leslie Patricelli; In My Nest and In My Pond, written by Sara Gillingham or Book! by Kristine O’Connell George
Angela's Analysis - Book Giveaway Ends 11/24/10
Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories Prize Pack: $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card plus five books
My Four Monkeys - Book Giveaway Ends 11/22/10
Bink and Gollie by Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee.
3 Boys and a Dog - Book Giveaway Ends 11/23/10
Worry Woo’s Nola Plush with book: The Lonely Little Monster
Trendy Mamas - Book Giveaway Ends 11/23/10
It’s Christmas David! by David Shannon
The Freebie Fairy - Book Giveaway Ends 11/26/10
Harry Potter Magic Eye Book - 3D Magical Creatures, Beasts and Beings
The Freebie Fairy - Book Giveaway Ends 11/23
Dancing Dreams animotion children's book by Kate Ohrt and illustrated by Kristi Valiant
There's a Book - Book Giveaway Ends 11/29/10
Set of Peachtree Publishing Books
There's a Book - Book Giveaway Ends 11/30/10
Hannah and the Talking Tree by Elke Weiss
My Life .. Simple and Beautiful - Book Giveaway Ends 12/15/10
Rin, Rin, Rin, Do, Re, Mi by José-Luis Orozco
Book Giveaways - Book Giveaway Ends 11/30/10
Star Wars Millennium Falcon
Book Giveaways - Book Giveaway Ends 11/30/10
Little Scholastic Peek-a-Zoo
Book Giveaways - Book Giveaway Ends 11/30/10
Create Your Own Enchanted Storybook
Reviewed by Mom - Book Giveaway Ends 12/1/10
Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories Prize Pack: $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card plus five books
This Mom Loves - Book Giveaway Ends 12/1/10
A Porcupine in a Pine Tree by Helaine Becker and Listen, Said The Donkey by Jean Little (Canada only?)
Katydid and Kid - Book Giveaway Ends 11/28/10
4 Klutz books
Mom Tried It - Book Giveaway Ends 11/23/10
Little Scholastic Board Books
I am a Reader, Not a Writer - Book Giveaway Ends 12/7/10
Lost Island Smugglers by Max Elliot Anderson (middle grade)
AuthorsNow - Book Giveaway Ends 11/23/10
Librarian on the Roof by M. G. King
Frugal Plus - Book Giveaway Ends 12/1/10
World's Best Origami

Tiger Tales Books Holiday Giveaway: Ends 11/30
The six book collection includes:
* Starry Night, Sleep Tight: A Bedtime Book of Lullabies by Gail Yerrill
* A Long Way from Home by Elizabeth Baguley
* Hush, Little Baby illustrated by Petra Brown
* I Love You All Year Long by Steve Metzger
* If I Were...a Firefighter by Pat Hegarty
* If I Were...a Princess by Pat Hegarty

Mother Reader Cybils ABC Giveaway:
Mother Reader is working her way through the alphabet and her Cybils TBR list. She's giving away 25 books featured on her daily posts to one commenter (comment on her new ABC Storytime posts). Additionally, comment on the original post for a chance to win a different set ABC Storytime books. Full details at

Scholastic Holiday Prize Pack Giveaways:
Book Dads Ends 11/26
My Four Monkeys Ends 11/29
Book Giveaways Ends 11/30
Jolly Mom Ends 12/3

Other Giveaways:
Katydid and Kid - Giveaway Ends 11/30/10
Scholastic Storybook Treasures DVDs
Burkett Blessings - Giveaway Ends 11/29/10
Scholastic Storybook Treasures DVDs
Imagination Soup - Giveaway Ends 12/7/10
Repurposed Golden Book Blank Journal

Fish for more children's book giveaways at Lori Calabrese's Fish for a Free Book linkup each Friday

I Am A Reader, Not A Writer also has a new book giveaway linky with lots of YA and some other kid's books.

Have a children's book you are giving away on your blog? Let me know! I'll spread the word here!