Monday, October 4, 2010

A brief break - Scholastic book fair tips?

Just wanted to let you know I'm taking a brief break from blogging for the next few days and will only be posting intermittently. I volunteer with a number of different organizations and need to devote my free time to upcoming projects, one of which is our school's Scholastic book fair. The person that usually organizes it is unable to do so this year, so I'm going into the whole thing kind of blindly and last minute. Has anyone ever been involved in organizing or helping with a fair? Any tips?


LadyD Piano said...

When I do Barefoot Books Fairs at schools, I provide small clipboards for each mom to fill out for placing orders. I make signs for cash and carry books because some folks are shy about asking the price. Sometimes I organize by age, country, paperback w/cd. I also provide a "free books" basket for those who cannot afford to buy. A special touch is to add $1.00 bookmarks and if parents buy LOTS of books, throw in a card or bookmark for free. Have someone keep good sales records, too. I bring a boom box for background music, munchies also. Selling books with a friend is always nice, too.