Monday, September 20, 2010

Shox Scooter Review - Perform stunts and tricks with the help of the flexible foot deck

The Shred Sled Shox Scooter, a new, lightweight, spring action scooter, hit the stores earlier this summer. The Shox Scooter works like a regular two-wheeled scooter, but has a springy, flexible foot deck that allows for more height and speed when performing tricks. According to the manufacturer, the scooter is appropriate for ages 5+.

We received a Shox Scooter to test out as part of a Team Mom review campaign. The Shox Scooter arrived in a box folded up and required some minimal assembly (basically you flip the handle bars portion up, perpendicular to the foot deck and lock into place.) I was able to flip the scooter together myself, but had some difficulty installing the two black plastic clips that help position the front rotational piece on the swivel pin. (See picture to the left.) My husband was able to insert them without too much difficulty. In fact, my only complaint with this scooter's design is the use of the plastic clips. I'm not entirely sure what purpose they serve, but they could slip out of place if forced and could possibly go missing. The handlebars easily adjust to two different heights and come equipped with cushioned foam handles. The scooter has an aluminum body and is incredibly light, weighing only 7 pounds. The scooter also has a large foot powered back brake that is easy to use and helps with safety. The foot deck's rough grip surface is another safety feature.

When my daughter was smaller, I was convinced that she was going to be the dare-devil of the family. One summer, when she was three, she scraped up her face with her no fear tactics. But as she grew a little older, she became more cautious. She likes riding her bike with training wheels, but up to this point we hadn't tried out any scooters. When we first received the Shox Scooter, she was super excited to try it out. The scooter has skinny wheels to allow for maneuverability, and it takes some skill to balance on it while riding. While she can ride it a small distance, she is in no way using the scooter to its full potential. Honestly, I'm not sure she's ready for scooter riding just yet...maybe with some practice and a good set of elbow and knee pads, she'd be able to get the hang of it. Though, I'm sure that some kindergartners her age would be able to SAIL with the Shox Scooter! And, I'd love to see a talented middle grade kid give it a try. My toddler has been eyeing it up in the garage. In a few years, who knows? Maybe he'll be the stunt master of the family, performing the 180s!

Do your kids ride on scooters? What type do they like to use?

Thanks to Shred Sled and Team Mom for this review opportunity and for providing a Shox Scooter for my family to review. (View my full disclosure statement for more information about my reviews.)