Monday, August 16, 2010

Guest Post - The Familiars by Adam Jay Epstein & Andrew Jacobson

Today, I'm thrilled to host another guest post on Brimful Curiosities! Adam Jay Epstein & Andrew Jacobson, co-authors of the soon-to-be released middle grade fantasy, The Familiars, discuss possible alternative career paths. Luckily they seem to be well on their way to successful careers as writers.


Guest Post: “If we weren’t writers, we would be…”

Andrew: If I wasn’t writing novels and films, I probably would be a sportscaster, or working behind the scenes in sports broadcasting. You might be familiar with Bob Costas, who sits on the sidelines calling the action at Super Bowls or the Olympics. But there’s also a guy sitting off-camera next to him, giving him all sorts of stats and information that he parrots on air. I could have been that guy. It’s kind of a thankless life, traveling on the road to different cities for games every night, surrounded by dudes who love sports. I love sports, but not the way these guys do. My passion was for telling stories, and thankfully I was able to make a living as a writer. This way, I can watch ESPN before I go to bed, and that’s more than enough for me.

Adam: Since space pirate is unrealistic and probably not going to happen, I think if I wasn’t an author and screenwriter, I would be a video game designer. While gaming is not the same kind of traditional storytelling as writing books or films, rich narratives can be told through hopping, role playing, and even puzzle games. Plus it would be an easy way to get paid for my childhood obsession with arcades and home computing. Fortunately, for both Andrew and myself, these career back-up plans remained just that. But who knows, if things had been different, perhaps gamers would be playing “The Familiars” on their Nintendo Wiis or Playstations. Or maybe Bob Costas would be wondering if Lebron James was a real life wizard, and not a king.

ADAM JAY EPSTEIN spent his childhood in Great Neck, New York, while ANDREW JACOBSON grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but the two met in a parking garage out in Los Angeles. They have been writing for film and television together ever since. The Familiars is their first book.

One day, Adam asked Andrew, “Are you familiar with what a familiar is?” And from that simple question, Vastia was born, a fantastical world filled with the authors’ shared love of animals and magic. They wrote every word, sentence, and page together, sitting opposite each other.

Adam Jay Epstein lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Jane, their daughters, Penny and Olive, and a black-and-white alley cat who hangs out in their backyard. Andrew Jacobson lives with his wife, Ashley, and their dog, Elvis, four traffic lights away.

THE FAMILIARS will be produced for film by Sam Raimi and Sony Animation.


Thanks, Adam and Andrew! I've read the excerpt online of The Familiars and can't wait to read the entire story. I secretly wish I had my own magical animal companion. My cat doesn't seem to have any magical abilities other than the ability to disappear completely from sight whenever we host visitors in our home.

The Familiars by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson; HarperCollins (September 2010); ISBN 9780061961083; 368 pages

You can learn more about The Familiars at


Susan Kaye Quinn said...

This looks great! I will def put The Familiars on my TBR, and will have to look to review it when it comes out! :)

Gina said...

Great guest post! It never fails to surprise when authors are asked this simple, yet so many fun answers and alternative dreams are revealed. Thanks for sharing as we count down the days to the book birthday of THE FAMILIARS! ^_^