Monday, May 24, 2010

Nontraditional Nonfiction Monday - Rabbits (Blastoff! Readers: Farm Animals) Book Review and Q & A with the Rhyming Dust Bunnies

Even though I don't write many posts focusing on nonfiction books, we actually read several nonfiction books each week. In fact, my preschool-aged daughter nearly always picks out a nonfiction book to bring home from the school library. She especially adores books about animals or nature.

Today, Travis at 100 Scope Notes is hosting a Nontraditional Nonfiction Monday. He has challenged participating bloggers to think creatively and go a different direction with their reviews. To change things up, for this post I was planning to have my daughter post her own review of whatever book she brought home from school, fully expecting it to be a nonfiction selection. However she caught me off guard last week and brought home Rhyming Dust Bunnies by Jan Thomas. Surprise, Mommy! Not exactly nonfiction, but a great book nonetheless (if you haven't read it, shame on you). So we adapted our plan, checked out a nonfiction book about bunnies from the public library and found a way to work those silly rhyming dust bunnies into the post with a Q&A about our nonfiction pick of the week. Now, without further ado, let the craziness begin...

Rabbits (Blastoff! Readers: Farm Animals) by Hollie Endres. Bellwether Media (2008); ISBN 9781600140853; 24 pages
(Book Source: Copy from our local library)

Brimful: Hello, Rhyming Dust Bunnies! Ed, Ned, Ted and Bob, it's so nice to have all four of you join us today on Brimful Curiosities. Thanks so much for letting us know what you think about the book, Rabbits (Blastoff! Readers: Farm Animals).
(Just a note to those not familiar with the Rhyming Dust Bunnies -- they love to speak using rhyming words...that is all except Bob, the observant one. He tries to impart useful information.)

Ed: Hey!
Ned: Yay!
Ted: Hooray!
Bob: Pleased as Punch!

Brimful: So, what is the book, Rabbits (Blastoff! Readers: Farm Animals) about?

Ed: Huh?
Ned: Uhh...
Ted: Duh!
Bob: The kid-friendly book provides a VERY basic introduction to the life of a farm rabbit and also discusses various bunny traits. Readers learn about things like hutches, rabbit teeth and rabbit fur. The book does not really discuss the care of a pet rabbits. A short glossary in the back provides definitions for words highlighted in the main text.

Brimful: Let's talk reading levels. What age group would most enjoy Rabbits?

Ed: Easy
Ned: Peasy
Ted: Lemon Squeezy
Bob: Kittens! Did you know a baby rabbit is called a kitten or kit? In the human world that translates to Beginning or Early Readers (ages 2-6).

Brimful: Did you find the book's photos visually appealing?

Ed: Lovely sight
Ned: Quite bright
Ted: A delight
Bob: Yes, every other page shows wonderful photos of cute, fluffy bunny rabbits. We may be a bit partial, but really we could stare at those perfect animals for hours. Wait a minute...Hey, book bunnies! Watch out for that big, blue, wavy graphic at the top of each page! It might sweep you away!

Brimful: What part of the book did you enjoy the most?

Ed: Funny
Ned: Bunny
Ted: in the Sunny
Bob: We all loved the final picture of the bunny lounging in a humorous reclined position. As soon as this Q&A is finished, we plan to take a nap on our backs, too. Where is the nearest farm without a vacuum or broom?

Brimful: Thank you, Rhyming Dust Bunnies! I know you are very busy, and I appreciate you rolling in for this Q&A.

Rabbits (Blastoff! Readers Farm Animals)
by Hollie Endres is part of the Bellwether Media Blastoff! Readers series, an imprint of Scholastic Library Publishing. The company's website is well laid out and those interested can preview the Blastoff! Reader books using the fun, interactive page turning graphics. While I wouldn't say the rabbit book is overly in-depth, my preschool-age daughter enjoys reading it with me and especially likes the large photos. We will be searching for other books by this publisher to read in the future. I bet my toddler son would really love the Mighty Machines Blastoff! Reader books!

Activity alert - Send your kids on a hunt for dust bunnies, armed with adhesive tape lint rollers. Believe me, this is a very amusing activity for children, and your house will be a little cleaner as a result!

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Jenny said...

What a cute review! We haven't read Rhyming Dust Bunnies yet, but it sounds fun!

shelf-employed said...

I just read Rhyming Dust Bunnies to a preschool group this morning. Of course, they all loved Bob! Glad to see that you gave Bob the meat of the interview. He's the best. Cute idea!

Christina said...

Both of these look like great books, and I have two kids that can't read enough books about animals, and one five-year-old who loves to rhyme. I'll make a note of them!

Scope Notes said...

You get serious creativity points for this one. Well done! Thanks for taking part.

Jen said...

I've never seen this book- it looks so cute! And what a creative interview. You mentioned your daughter picking our non-fiction- my youngest always loved non-fiction when she was in preschool. One of her favorites was about chameleons. Fun post!