Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scholastic Launches new Harry Potter Website & a Giveaway

J.K. Rowling read from her first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, at the White House Easter Egg Roll earlier this week. She also answered a few questions from the audience. According to the Washington Post, she hinted about the possibility of more Harry Potter books, "maybe 10 years from now." That's great news for Harry Potter fans. I'm sure I wasn't the only one that felt a little melancholy when Deathly Hallows came out because it meant the end of the beloved series. Fans can watch the Easter reading at

It's hard to believe Harry Potter has been around for 12 years! I can clearly remember standing in line at midnight with my husband as several of the Harry Potter books were released. I must say those were fun times with so much anticipation and excitement in the air. Most importantly, Rowling's stories really got kids motivated about reading and magically drew in those kids that had previously resisted reading.

Scholastic is hoping to introduce the series to a whole new generation of readers and, at the same time, reach out to all those who want to relive their Hogwart's journey. Two weeks ago, they launched a whole new Harry Potter website: The website includes summaries of all the seven books, a glossary of Harry Potter terms, and a pronunciation guide. Those that have read the books can have fun testing their Harry Potter knowledge by answering questions about the book and unlock some fun magical activities. I was a little rusty with the trivia so it took me a few tries before I managed to unlock the games and try out the wands.

Additionally, when visiting the website, kids ages 7-14 can enter Scholastic's The Real Magic of Harry Potter Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip for four to Universal Orlando Resort to see the new The Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction. See the site for complete details. The contest ends on June 1, 2010.

To keep updated on the latest Harry Potter news, trivia, quizzes, polls and giveaways, be sure to follow @Scholastic on twitter (watch for #harrypotter tweets) or check out Scholastic's Facebook page. Scholastic also has their own blog, On Our Minds.

Scholastic has graciously offered to giveaway a copy of the 10th anniversary edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to two Brimful Curiosities readers (2 WINNERS).

To enter, leave a comment with one of the words found in Scholastic's Harry Potter online glossary.
• For contact purposes, if you are a non-blogger or your email is not accessible in your blog profile, please leave a valid email address within the comment section.
• Contest is open to US and Canada
• Contest ends on Monday, April 26th, 2010 at 11:59 PM CST.
• Winner will be chosen at random and sent an email notification.
Three ways to gain extra entries (Maximum total entries is 4; please leave a separate comment for each entry):
1st extra entry: Blog about this contest then post your link in the comment section.
2nd extra entry: Follow me on twitter (iambrimful) and tweet about the contest.
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I did not receive a book or any other type of compensation from Scholastic for writing this post. My opinions are entirely my own. View my full disclosure statement for more information about my reviews.)


Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Two of my favorite things - Harry Potter and Scholastic! So glad you dropped by my blog. I am all about children's books so I'm definitely following both here and on twitter! When I get a post up, I'll stop back by with my link. :)

Katrina said...

wow....I really like the new site!

One word:
Aconite Plant used in potions. Also known as Monkshood or Wolfsbane.

would love to win this for my duaghter!

ykatrina at hotmail dot com

Julie said...

Perhaps I should use some Felix Felicis and get a little extra luck to win. :-)

Bridget R. Wilson said...

Alohomora "Standard Book of Spells, chapter 8" ~Hermione Granger


Katy said...

I adore Harry Potter! Accio 10th Anniversary edition! :D

I'm a twitter follower (@afewmorepages) and tweeted here:

I am also following your blog in Google Reader.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

apparate! I always say how I wish I could.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

LutherLiz said...

This muggle would love to win. :)

morgenstar20 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Tabathia B said...

I wish I could silencio my kids so I can enter the giveaway. Thanks.

tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

Tabathia B said...

twitter follower & tweeted

tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I would be flying higher than Hedwig if I won one of these books! I love all things Potter. :)

Thanks for the chance!

journey through books@ gmail dot com

Bookie said...

I love Harry Potter. I checked out the new site awhile ago.

I'm a follower.

dawnpnr at aol dot com

Bookie said...

I follow on twitter and tweeted.

dawnpnr at aol dot com

holdenj said...

Sometimes I wish I could use the Sonorus charm to make my voice louder for the kids! Thanks for the chance to win and link to the great new site.

Unknown said...

My favorite part of the books...Gave me a a chance to REALLY flex my imagination muscles....
Room of Requirement
A room that a person can only enter when he or she has real need of it. When it appears it is always equipped for the seeker’s needs. Also known to the house-elves as the Come and Go Room.

ossmcalc said...

As a mathematician who loves Harry Potter, one word from Schoastic's Harry Potter online glossary is Arithmancy - the ancient study of the magical properties of numbers.

Thank you,


ossmcalc said...

I follow you on Twitter and tweeted about this giveaway

Thank you,


ossmcalc said...

I subscribe via email.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

My daughter is fanatical about Harry Potter! The word she selected is ALOHOMORA.

skkorman said...

I chose the glossary word scourgify, which refers to the incantation for the Vanishing Spell.

skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

Adina Riddle said...

I will avada kadavra you if I don't win :)

Thanks for the giveaway!!!

Heehee my captcha was death:)

mrsshukra said...

Lumos is a spell to light your wand!


ChristyJan said...

The Chudley Cannons ~ Ron Weasley's favorite professional Quidditch team. They wear bright orange and black robes and their motto is “Let’s all just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.”


Merrie L. said...

I'm so hungry for sweets that even the "Fudge Flies" are sounding good! lol

Merrie L. said...

I follow you on twitter and tweeted:

rubynreba said...

Auror - professional dark -wizard catcher.

Anonymous said...

Please enter me in the contest.

Word: Fidelius Charm (actually 2 words, but they go together).


clariline08 at yahoo dot com

abfantom said...

Fidelius Charm - A charm that conceals a secret within a person (called the Secret-Keeper) so that no one will know about it unless the Secret-Keeper chooses to divulge it.

abfantom at yahoo dot com

Tawny said...

Haha, I like this one - The Obliviator: Member of an Accidental Magic Reversal Squad. They work for the Improper Use of Magic Office.


Michelle said...

From the glossary: Magical Menagerie -Wizarding pet shop in Diagon Alley. Thanks for the chance to win!
mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

delphiandreams said...

I can't believe its been ten years already!

Kwikspell! Coresspodence school for squibs!



To transport oneself instantly to any destination. Apparating is difficult and must not be done without a license from the Department of Magical Transportation. There is a danger of splinching.I would like to transport myself to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida.

Linda said...

My daughter is a great Harry Potter fan!

cherdon said...

I chose the words Secrecy Sensor which is an Antenna that vibrates when it detects concealment and lies.

Awesome giveaway. Thanks

cherdon said...

I follow you on twitter

username is iamcherdon


cherdon said...

I follow you via google friend connect


Emily Roesly said...

I loved seeing David Tennant as Bartemius Crouch, Junior, in Goblet of Fire. Thanks for the great giveaway!

mensatic at comcast dot net

Tif Sweeney said...

Avada Kedavra -- THE most unforgiveable curse in my opinion!!

Please count me in! I subscribe and also follow on Twitter.

tiftalksbooks at gmail dot com

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Hey! My favorite (Potterwatch) isn't in the glossary! I'll have to settle for Polyjuice Potion. :)

Misty said...

The word I picked is;
Avada Kedavra The Killing Curse. It brings about instant death in a flash of green light. There is no way of blocking it. It is one of the three Unforgivable Curses.
mommy2skie at yahoo dot com

Misty said...


Becky said...

Today is a bad kid day..I'm going to apparate myself upstairs to the bathroom

Henrietta said...

Love Harry Potter! We entered teh sweepstakes so thanks for sharing that info!

Herbology is the Study of plants. Professor Sprout is the Herbology teacher at Hogwarts.

Cheryl (Tx_Sweetie) said...

Amortenti The most powerful love potion in the world.

Can't believe Harry Potter is 10, time does fly.

Anonymous said...

I am a email subscriber.

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin Pasty is a wizarding food that sounds good.

Katie R. said...

Sneakoscope - Glass spinning top that lights up and spins when there is someone untrustworthy around.

Hotsnotty2 said...

Avada Kedavra - The Killing Curse. It brings about instant death in a flash of green light. There is no way of blocking it. It is one of the three Unforgivable Curses, thanks!

js22 said...

Alohomora Door-unlocking spell.

Thanks for the giveaway!
email in blogger profile.

js22 said...

I subscribe to your blog's feed via google reader.
email in blogger profile.

js22 said...

i follow on twitter - js22222222 .
email in blogger profile.

degood said...

I like the word Muggle - Person totally without magical powers. Muggles live in ignorance of the world of wizards and witches

Amy delong said...

I like Anapneo-A spell used to help when someone is choking.


Michelle B said...

Wormtail Nickname of Peter Pettigrew.

Michelle B said...

Following on twitter 86_angel

Michelle B said...

Following your blog via GFC

Unknown said...

Aparecium - a spell to make invisible ink. (I also like Acid pops - the fact that a glossary lists it is funny!)


tina reynolds said...

I really like Aragog thanks for the chance

Kathy P said...

Aunt Marge is like my aunt

Dudley Dursley's dreadful aunt, sister to Vernon Dursley and no friend of Harry's.

Lori said...

Taking a cue from my last name I looked up "Z" and got "Zonko's". I love Scholastic's site, I remember answering the trivia there as a kid.

Unknown said...

One of their words is Auror which is a professional dark wizard catcher

ardy22 at earthlink dot net

Unknown said...

follow you twitter and tweeted

Unknown said...

Accio is an incantation for a summonong charm.