Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rain and Watercolors

A while back I read a post about painting in the rain at Your Wild Child. We thought we might as well make use of the gray, rainy weather this weekend, but it is a little too cold to sit outside and paint. So, the kids drew a couple pictures using watercolor pencils and we placed the paintings outside in the light rain. The rain produces a random, mottled effect and both kids were happy to let the rain combine the colors for them.

After watching small puddles appear on the paper, the kids decided to find a few bigger ones to splash in...

The Great Outdoor ChallengeThis week we're participating in 5 Orange Potatoes Children and Nature Awareness Month The Great Outdoor Challenge.


Michelle said...

Very cute, I am going to have to actually try this again the next time we have a gray rainy day.