Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Princess Tea Birthday Party!

When I told my friends about my plans to invite 15 of my daughter's friends to a princess tea birthday party they looked at me like I was insane. I figured I could handle the girls. After all, I'd organized several library storytimes programs and never had any real problems. Plus, when you invite kids to parties, only about half attend, right? Well, the event was more popular than I expected and in total, 12 girls attended the party for my daughter's birthday. The 12 DANCING PRINCESSES. I enlisted the help of my mom and mother-in-law and we all had a great time--kids and adults. Here are a few pictures of the day and the activities.

When each of the girls arrived, we ushered them into the millinery (hat making shop) to create their own personal tea party hat. I saw the idea for a wrapping paper high-tea hat in a Family Fun magazine issue a while back and thought they would be so fun to make at a tea party for little girls. A newspaper version and more detailed directions can be found at maya*made. The girls each chose their own wrapping paper pattern and a ribbon and tissue paper butterfly to personalize the hat. The hats are so simple to make, but look very sophisticated!

After the hat making the girls worked on coloring some princess placemats I made by printing a coloring page on legal sized paper. I supplied some small princess stamps from the dollar store for a little stamping fun, too. This activity kept some of them occupied while others finished making the hats. When everyone sat down at the table, I brought out bowls full of magic coloring changing beads from Steve Spangler Science. I told the girls that the beads had magical qualities and would change colors when they placed in sunlight. They threaded the beads onto pipe cleaners to make bracelets. My daughter is wearing her bracelet in the top picture.

Every princess must eventually kiss a frog so we played a pin a kiss on the frog game. It's a version of pin the tail on the donkey. I drew a picture of the frog prince on a green piece of tagboard, cut out several red lips and wrote each girl's name them. I bought a pink satin sleep mask at the dollar store and used it to blindfold each girl so that they could blindly "kiss the frog." Each princess received a sparkle ring as a token of appreciation for their kindness to the frog. Later on some of the girls decided to give the frog a real smackeroo!

While the grandmas worked to set up the food and drinks, the girls danced to a few songs. I checked out the Disney Princess Tea Party CD from the library and we danced to one of the princess songs. Since my daughter turned five years, we also played the song "High Five!" from They Might Be Giants Here Come The 123s. The girls gave each other high fives to the disco beat.

My grandmother loaned us her beautiful silver tea set to use for serving our apple juice tea. I brought out my fine Noritake china tea cups and saucers and the girls excitedly drank their tea. They all exclaimed that they had never drank out of real tea cups before. We served finger sandwiches, fruit, and an assortment of cookies. Instead of serving a birthday cake (kind of messy for a fancy tea party) I made mini brownie cupcakes in my mini muffin pan and topped them off with some fancy whipped cream.

After opening presents, the girls each received a favor basket with their own small tea set, a princess activity book and a bag of mini Chips Ahoy! cookies. Just in case we ran out of activities, I checked out a couple princess books from the library to read aloud. We never had time for storytime, though! The 12 princesses were too busy making their own special memories and enjoyed the afternoon event to the fullest!

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Katrina said...

Seriously everything about that tea party sounds sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like she had a great time.

Kristie said...

What a neat party! My daughter would have loved that! She actually had a princess experience this last weekend too that I blogged about today. :-)

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

What lovely ladies! I LOVE the kiss the frog game. So cute! Those hats are fabulous!

Kristine said...

ohhh, I had to come over and see the princesses. I love the gorgeous hats. It's also cute they wanted to kiss the frog perhaps hoping they might turn into a real princess. maybe.