Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fill up the Easter Basket with these gifts for children

Obviously eggs, books and a little candy belong in all Easter baskets. But, the Easter Bunny often includes small toys and gifts in the kids' Easter baskets, too. Here are some of our favorite smallish toys that would work perfectly as gifts on Easter day.

Resurrection Eggs - Last year I purchased a set of these for my children so that I could more easily explain the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. By the time Easter arrived, my daughter was able to tell the story herself and understood the real meaning of Easter. ($12.99)

International Playthings Hide'N Squeak Eggs - One of our friends has a set of these eggs. Always a hit at playgroup because they are appropriate for ages 12 months and up - all the kids love to take them apart and try to match them back together. Plus, it's hard to beat the price. ($9.55)

Calico Critters Family - Really, any of the Calico Critter products make ideal Easter gifts, but I really do like the details and tips of the ears on the Hopscotch bunny family. My daughter has the Dalmation Dog Family and she acts out all sorts of imaginary scenarios using them. ($19.99)

Littlest Pet Shop - We resisted buying these tiny toys for quite some time but then my daughter had a birthday party with her friends and received several as gifts. She loves playing with them, but I still think the animals look a little strange! The PETRIPLETS (Bunnies) set is a cute one for Easter baskets. ($4.99+)

MEGA Bloks Thomas and Friends Sets - My toddler son loves trains and owns the Thomas Load'n Go. What I like best about these MEGA Bloks sets is that they are sized so that they will also work perfectly with our wooden track set! My son can easily drive the train on the track he already owns or he can use it when building with DUPLOS and MEGA Bloks. The train consists of 5 pieces and can be disassembled and reassembled like other MEGA Bloks toys. ($9.99+)

Klutz Superhero Starter Kit - Every kid needs a superhero cape and this one, by Klutz, is shiny, red and has Velcro at the neck for safety. The book includes stickers, masks and bracelets so that each child can personalize their look. I bought ours a few years ago, and it's received plenty of use. ($10.17)

Wind-up Chicks/Bunnies - We bought my daughter a hopping chick after seeing live baby chicks hatch at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago last year. Both the kids love to play with it. This year I found some for $1 at our local Dollar Tree store. ($1.00)

OWI Solar Toys - Educational and fun all at same time. Older kids can have fun assembling the sets and channeling the sun's power to operate their toys. We had the chance to try out the Super Solar Racing Car. The tiny matchbox sized car takes off nicely on a sunny day! It would be fun to race two of them. [Product received for review from manufacturer. Watch for our full review in the next couple weeks!] ($10.95+)

Watercolor pencils and paper - Watercolors remind me of spring and kids can easily produce impressive art using watercolor pencils. Draw then paint with water. My daughter really enjoys using our set of STAEDTLER karat aquarell pencils, but there are plenty of other brands available for purchase.

I'm looking for suggestions to add to this year's wish list - what are some small toys or gifts that your kids love that mine might enjoy?

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Melissa Taylor said...

My kids love the resurrection eggs - and we (amazingly) still have all the trinkets inside after three years.

I love all your non-candy ideas, thanks!

Amy said...

That is such a great post with a lot of great ideas. I have already got my little one's Easter basket ready and I know she will love it..

Kristine said...

We normally just do chocolate but this year I've also brought an egg cup for each of my girls.