Thursday, March 18, 2010

Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey - DVD Review

A pair of big ears and long trunk equal an interesting, loveable animated character. Take Dumbo and Horton, for instance. Elephants have long been a favorite of cartoonists, and now there's a new animated elephant to talk about -- a baby elephant named Kayla. She stars in the newest Curious George movie, Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey, released earlier this month.

In this full-length sequel to the 2006 Curious George movie, George convinces the Man in the Yellow Hat (Ted) to take him to Mr. Piccadilly's magical show. The star of the show, a baby elephant named Kayla, seems a little sad, so George does his best to cheer her up. The two wander off together and end up going on a cross-country adventure in hopes of reuniting Kayla with her brother and sister in California. While trying to return the elephant to Mr. Piccadilly, The Man in the Yellow Hat ends up trapped in a boxcar with the two wanderers and they all head to California by train. Due to a misunderstanding, Mr. Piccadilly believes that Kayla has been stolen and hires a silly "crime stuffing" detective named Donno Wolfe to locate the supposed perpetrators.

Like many other recent children's films, this movie also has an underlying message, showing the importance of family and friends. Ted (the Man in the Yellow Hat) wants to obtain the director's job at the museum and spends his time obsessing over his binder filled with charts and graphs. As a result of his unexpected journey with George he eventually realizes his priorities are all wrong and learns that what really matters is family, friends and people coming together.

We do love Curious George (hard not to love that mischievous monkey), and Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey was a fun film to watch. The animation is not as artistically rendered as in the first movie, but the storyline is cute and features several humorous segments. My daughter thinks the opening scene is hilarious with the Man in the Yellow Hat sleeping on his computer pressing the letter "Z." My train-loving son especially enjoys the scenes with the California Express train. And, there's nothing cuter than a curious little monkey sleeping on top of an elephant, using a large ear as his blanket.

It would be pretty difficult to match Jack Johnson's songs in the first Curious George movie, but the songs in this film are catchy enough to get your toes tapping, especially Brian Wilson's version of "California Sun." A band called Carbon Leaf performs several of the other songs in the movie and lend nice, leisurely drifting melodies like "Life Less Ordinary" and "Heart Of The Day" to the film.

If you loved the first Curious George movie, chances are you'll like this cute, adventure filled sequel as well.

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