Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quarter-fold Heart Pocket Valentine's Day Card

My mother-in-law sent valentines out to my kids a week early this year. She decorated quarter-fold cut-out hearts and put stickers inside the pockets. I'm not sure where she found the template, but these adorable homemade cards are very simple to make and look impressive. Over the weekend we made 22 heart pockets to give out to my daughter's classmates. I looked all over for instructions online and couldn't find a link anywhere, so I'm posting the directions here in case someone else wants to try crafting a few for Valentine's Day.

Quarter Fold Heart Pocket Directions:

1. Start with a large square piece of cardstock or scrapbook paper. Fold paper in half, then in half again so that you have a quarter-folded square.

2. Position the square so that the open ends point up and the folded sides point down. Draw the two top curves of the heart on the upper part of the paper, letting the two folded sides make the sides of the heart. (Your heart will need to be symmetrical for this to work out.)

3. Cut the top curves of the heart out with a scissors, leaving the folded sides of the heart intact.

4. Unfold the hearts. The paper will have a shamrock shape. Flip the paper over and fold the shamrock in half.

5. Flip the paper over again. Push the middle two hearts (ones with the fold) to the center. They will fold in half. The top and bottom hearts will line up on top of each other.

6. The finished heart can be unfolded and decorated on all sides. This design is fun to decorate using rubber stamping techniques or other embellishments and stickers. We put flat candy bags (like M&Ms and Fun Dip) or small objects (like post-it note pads) in the pouch of our hearts. Staple or tape the top shut and you have a fun valentine card gift to exchange with others.


Kim said...

That is so cute! I love the idea of filling them with stickers and stuff. Thank you so much for sharing and linking up with Try and Tell.

Unknown said...

I love this idea. I'm going to use this with my Sunday School kids. Love this.....

Jessa said...

This is great! Will have to remember this for my kiddos for next year!

laura said...

Gosh, this could be a really versatile craft! Thanks for the tutorial!

Amy said...

Those are just so neat. Thanks for linking up to my Round Robin. It was great having you..

Happy Valentine's Day..