Monday, October 5, 2009

Visitors, parties and recovery

I quickly learned that having visitors staying at my house 6 days out of the last 12 days doesn't leave much time for reviewing or posting on my blog. Add sick children to that mix and anniversary celebrations and birthdays...well, not much gets done. Sorry about that. Hope I haven't lost all my readers. My silence hasn't been intentional. We enjoyed our visit with relatives and had a good time. Unfortunately I'm still a bit exhausted from it all and still trying to help the kids get over their illnesses. Posting will be a bit slow until everyone is fully recovered. Hope you are enjoying fall. Looks like it has finally arrived!


Karen Denise said...

I feel your pain having just finished with more than a week like that myself...minus the sick kids. Doctor's advice: Take a veg session on the couch and call me in the morning!