Wednesday, September 23, 2009

National Family Game Night and Pictureka!

Find the cow! Pictureka! You'd think growing up in America's Dairyland we'd be able to spot a cow within seconds. But that little, crazy cow in the Hasbro board game Pictureka! had us searching and searching. For whatever reason, it took my daughter and I about five minutes before we finally spotted the cow. We had a lot more success finding the other objects.

In Pictureka! the goal of the game is to locate objects fast. Those that have a quick eye and a good memory will love playing. It's kind of like an I-Spy cross Memory game with loopy, whimsical pictures. The first person to collect 6 mission cards wins. Recommended for ages 6+.

The board consists of 9 double-sided tiles with numerous, sometimes crazy illustrations (like a horse passing gas and a stinky sock.) You arrange the tiles in a 3x3 square. Throughout the game the tiles get switched, flipped, and rotated to make locating objects difficult.

Adults and kids will enjoy playing this one! You can even vary the game depending on age. For young kids and preschoolers that aren't able to read, the game can be played using only the picture (blue) cards. That's how I played it with my daughter. She really got into the game, at one point saying, "Come on brain! Let's do it!" I quickly realized that preschoolers are pretty observant. My daughter didn't want to put the game away. Those that are interested in bilingual products will like Pictureka! All the mission cards are written in both English and Spanish.

Want to try it out? Have some fun and try playing the Demo Pictureka! Game.

We're planning to play Pictureka again this evening. If you hadn't heard, tonight is National Family Game Night. Turn off that TV, gather the family together, exercise those brains and play a few board games! After all, it is TV Turn-off Week!

Which games do you like to play with your family? I'm looking for suggestions for preschool games in particular!

(Hasbro provided Pictureka! free of charge for my family to review. View my full disclosure statement for more information about my reviews.)


Becky W. said...

I've never seen this! But it looks great! I'm going to go look for it tonight! Thanks for the post!

The Allen Family said...

We really like the Cranium games. Cariboo and Cadoo are fun for my young boys.