Monday, September 14, 2009

$5 Luvs Coupon - Get Yours September 15th

I buy diapers. Plenty of diapers. We primarily use Luvs in our household, and we've always been happy with the brand. But it isn't always easy to find coupons for Luvs. That's why I wanted to let you know that a Luvs coupon promotion will go live at on September 15th at 12am EST. There's a limited supply -- hurry to reserve yours ASAP by joining the Luvs Network! If you are already a member, it looks like you can still sign up for the coupon. Sign in using your password, and click on the promotion. On the right hand side, the site will prompt you to check promotions you wish to enter, including the coupon deal.

This promotion is part of the Luvs "Take a Stand" campaign, which rallies moms to unite and take a stand on things that are important to them, such as not paying too much money for everyday items such as diapers! If you have some time, visit the website, share your own inspiring "Take a Stand" story and have some fun building a baby avatar. Yep, that's my design to the right, a little baby Brimful and you can bet she would have been holding a book if that had been an option. Can you guess what I'm passionate about!?

Thanks to Mom Fuse POP and Luvs for alerting me about this offer. I did not receive any payment or product as compensation for this post.