Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Dream to Call My Own by Tracie Peterson - Book Review

"Lacy felt freer than she had in years. Forgiveness wouldn't bring her father back to life, but neither would her bitterness and anger. Nothing could undo the events of the past, but she had the power to change her future by simply yielding her failings to God." - A Dream to Call My Own by Tracie Peterson

A Dream to Call My Own, the 3rd book in Tracie Peterson's Brides of Gallatin County trilogy, tells the story of the stubborn, unpredictable Lacy Gallatin. She's the youngest of the three Gallatin sisters. Together they run the Gallatin House, a roadhouse where they board and feed the stage coach passengers traveling through the Montana frontier in the 1880's. Both Lacy's sisters are married but Lacy is terrified of getting hitched, afraid that she would fail at being a wife. She's convinced herself that she's failed everyone close to her, especially her mother and father. She has made it her personal mission to discover her father's killer and find her revenge.

Lacy is especially hard on the deputy sheriff Dave Shepard, accusing him of not spending enough time working on her father's unsolved case. Despite her attitude toward him, Dave finds himself falling in love with Lacy. When they become trapped alone together during a blizzard, sparks fly (not all romantic.) To top it off, all is not rosy in the Gallatin part of the Montana frontier. When a lowlife by the name of Jefferson Mulholland comes into town and joins forces with local saloon owner Rafe Reynolds, the Gallatin sisters wonder if they would be better off selling their property to escape the dangers in town. Lots of decisions and some suspenseful moments pull the sisters together while, through it all, Dave and Lacy try to make sense of their feelings for each other.

I liked A Dream to Call My Own the best out of all three books in the series. Lacy, my favorite character, is easy to like with her wild ways. I found the romantic tension between Lacy and Dave amusing and heartwarming. Failure, fear and the feeling of inadequacy are common themes in the book. Peterson, an excellent Christian historical fiction author, uses scripture passages and messages through her characters to spread God's word and remind us of His constant presence in our lives.
A Dream to Call My Own (The Brides of Gallatin County, Book 3) by Tracie Peterson. Bethany House Publishers (June 2009); 365 pages: ISBN 9780764201509
Source: Review copy provided by Bethany House
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