Thursday, May 28, 2009


Few words strike as much fear into a mother's heart as the word cancer. So when I came across that word on Manic Mother, a fellow bloggers website, you can imagine how sad I felt. Ezra, her two year old son has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Just the other week, I posted one of her book giveaways on my blog's "Full to the Brim" list. No cancer stories then. The diagnosis came suddenly, out of the blue, after she took her little guy to the doctor for what she thought were symptoms related to a spider's bite. Why do things like this happen? I really don't know. But, I do know we can all do something to help. The family could use some support. Please visit her blog and let her know you care. You can also find her on twitter @manicmother.


Cascia Talbert said...

How awful! I couldn't imagine going to a regular doctor's visit with my child and then getting that news. My heart and prayers goes out to that mother and her child.