Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LeapFrog Tag for the Library!

Remember all those LeapFrog Tag contests in celebration of National Education Association's National Reading Month? We won a prize package! We donated the whole prize - the two Tag readers and the Tag books (minus two for ourselves) - to our public library! Thanks LeapFrog for a wonderful promotion.

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Buffie said...

What a great use for your winnings. Hopefully lots of kids will be able to enjoy them.

Susan Cook said...

Congrats. on winning. That was so nice of you to donate them to your library.

Happy WW - TFS

Staci A said...

That's really wonderful! I'm sure a lot of kids will enjoy them!

sunnymama said...

Congratulations on winning a prize! How nice of you to donate them to your library :)

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

That's so cool! I really wanted to win that! Congrats!
How do your kids like it?