Monday, May 4, 2009

Full to the Brim - Kid's Book Giveaway List (5/4/09)

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My book giveaways:
When the Whistle Blows Book Giveaway Ends 5/4/09
The Curious Garden Book Giveaway Ends 5/4/09
This Is the Day! Book Giveaway Ends 5/4/09
Quiet Bunny Picture Book Giveaway Ends 5/10/09

Other book giveaways:
Mommy's Quiet Time - Book Giveaway Ends 5/15/09
The Moose With Loose Poops and The Little Elephant With the Big Earache
Reading to Know - Book Giveaway Ends 5/8/09
Bugs Fandex and Bug Bottle by Workman Publishing
Manic Mother - Book Giveaway Ends 5/17/09
HUGE Giveaway: Mee-An and the Magic Serpent, The Princess Knight, and Princess Penelope or Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The Chimpanzees of Happytown, The Reluctant Dragon
Red Sox Mommy - Book Giveaway Ends 5/14/09
Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories Gift Set
Fairy Blog Mother - Book Giveaway Ends 5/17/09
Full set of the Dr. Hippo books (5 books total)
My Organized Chaos - Book Giveaway Ends 5/13/09
Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories Gift Set
Booking Mama - Book Giveaway Ends 5/15/09
Atherton trilogy: The House of Power, River of Fire, The Dark Planet by Patrick Carman (middle grade)
Grocery Price Blog - Book Giveaway Ends 5/17/09
Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories Gift Set
Conversations with Moms - Book Giveaway Ends 5/16/09
Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories Gift Set
Write for a Reader - Book Giveaway Ends 5/9/09
Signed copy Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr (YA)
Book Dads - Card set Giveaway Ends 5/17/09
Yoga Planet: 50 Fun Activities for a Greener World
Mama's Money Savers - Book Giveaway Ends 5/15/09
The World According to Your Child kit/book
Keri Milulski - YA Book Giveaway Ends 6/30/09
Jersey girl Megan McCafferty's PERFECT FIFTHS, Terri Clark's SLEEPLESS, Haily Abbott's SUMMER BOYS, Aimee Friedman's SOUTH BEACH and a super new, signed ARC of CHANGE UP (YA)
Tara Lazar - Book Giveaway Ends 5/12/09
OK Go by Carin Berger
Mamanista - Book Giveaway Ends 5/12/09
Momma Loves Her Little Son by John Carter Cash

As always, Ms. Bookish has compiled a Big List of Book Giveaways (May 3), including some children's books. So big, this time she split it into 2 posts!

Other interesting giveaways:
Playground for Parents - Pendant Giveaway Ends 5/15/09
Custom pendant of their child's artwork by Analiese Designs

The Novel Bookworm is hosting A Book a Day in the Month of May Giveaway. Looks like mostly adult fiction, but worth checking out.

Have a children's book you are giving away on your blog? Let me know! I'll spread the word here!


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