Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Wishing you a colorful Earth Day

I took this picture last year after a threatening summer thunderstorm. Looks like this rainbow is trying to play ring around the tree. Hugs this Earth Day!

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Run DMT said...

I agree with One Mom. I does look like the tree is being protected! Beautiful pic!

Jen said...

What a gem of a picture! I love it when I catch God's handywork on film!

Jen: Creative and Curious Kids

God's Shining Stars

Unknown said...

You took a beautiful picture. I love rainbows. They always remind me of God's promise.

Becky W. said...

That is an AMAZING picture! I hope you have that on a large canvas hanging in your living room! (I know that's where it would be if it were my shot!!)

Happy Earth Day!

Lynn said...

I just left an "award" for you on our blog ( :)