Monday, April 20, 2009

TV Turnoff Week : April 20-26, 2009

TV Turnoff Week begins today. Here in the Brimful Curiosities household we plan to try and do the no screen thing all week long. I myself don't watch too much TV so it shouldn't be too hard for me. The kids do have a couple of shows they really like to watch during the morning so it will be a little bit harder for them, but not the end of the world. We've gone without TV often enough (usually the result of a lost remote). Did you know that American children watch an average of three hours of television per day?

As part of TV Turnoff Week I'm taking part in 3rd Annual Turnoff Week Blog Challenge at Unplug Your Kids. As part of the challenge, we are going to try to read more books, play games, participate in imaginary play and, if the weather is nice, spend a lot of time playing outside.


madfolly said...

Good luck! I think you'll enjoy going TV-free (I've done a short post about my experiences on my blogs) and highly recommend it. More time to read!

Jenni said...

Good for you! I don't think I can entertain myself without the TV! I am an addict.

Homeschool Friend said...

GREAT idea! I'm considering Unplugging for the entire summer. (I almost despise the t.v..)

Hmmm..Maybe trying it for a week would help me decide if the whole summer is a realistic goal or not. ;-) I'll think about it!

Have FUN! I know you will!

Thank you for telling us about this!