Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gustafer Yellowgold's Mellow Fever DVD/CD - Review and Giveaway

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“It’s a curiosity and often quite a show; Many here consider standing back; From the Melter, the Melter, Yellow, warming swelter; Melter, swelter in our town.”
– "Melter Swelter" from Gustafer Yellowgold's Mellow Fever

Here comes the sun … or rather a yellow creature from the sun named Gustafer. I always welcome sunshine in any form. The new CD/DVD combo we recently received called Gustafer Yellowgold's Mellow Fever brings plenty of musical sunshine into our home with sunny songs that bring smiles to my children’s faces (and mine, too).

Who is Gustafer Yellowgold? Apparently he arrived from the sun via a Sunpod, and landed in the state of Minnesota. He enjoys living in the cooler environment and making new, interesting earth friends like Forrest Applecrumbie, a Pterodactyl. He also loves eating pinecones and playing with his pets: an eel named Slim and a dragon named Asparagus.

Musician/illustrator Morgan Taylor created Gustafer and tells his story through animated illustrations that accompany highly imaginative, original songs. Gustafer has been around since 2005, and I’ve been scratching my non-cone shaped head trying to figure out why I hadn’t heard of Taylor’s series until now! Mellow Fever is the third set of musical stories in the award winning children’s music series, the first two releases titled Wide Wild World and Have You Never Been Yellow?

Warning – Highly Addictive Music loved by both kids and parents! The mellow tunes of Gustafer Yellowgold’s Mellow Fever mesmerize both my preschooler and my one-year-old. The DVD is a fun, animated picture book put to music where Gustafer Yellowgold’s escapades take center stage. The lyrics appear near the bottom of the pictures read like text in a book. We love the CD as well, as ours gets plenty of air time in the car.

I’d have to say our very favorite song hands-down is the swingy “Melter Swelter.” Snow doesn’t last long around Gustafer; he melts it right up. Making snow angels and snowmen doesn’t exactly go so well. But, he uses his ability in generous ways, like helping free a turtle from the ice. In “Butter Pond Lake” Gustafer shares his memories of days on the sun, wading in a lake full of butter surrounded by darkening bugs. My daughter sings a beautiful rendition of the groovy “Getting in a Treetop” complete with her own made-up tree blowing arm movements. “Quite Easily Lost” featuring Sisson the blue worm and “Panther Stamp Pants” round out our favorites.

I’ll admit Gustafer is rather unusual, but he is also quite heartwarming and also very amusing. If you take the time to watch and listen to the songs, you’ll discover that Morgan Taylor is a creative genius delivering messages in a Dr. Seussian sort of way. The music itself reminds me of the catchy, singable oldies (think Beatles) combined with soft rock, music that I listened to as a child while riding in the car with my parents. Morgan cites the bands Bread and America as influences; add WILCO to the list as well.

After visiting the Gustafer Yellowgold upcoming shows, I happily learned that a performance will be coming to our area in May. Yay! Our family definitely plans to see this live.

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mockstar said...

I think you should post a video of your daughter doing her tree blowing am movements. Cute!

Danielle said...

My boys and I love Panther Stamp Pants. So much fun! We would LOVE to win this!

Grandma said...

I like Quite Easily Lost, but Mint Green Bee and New Blue Star are fun too.


Bingo said...

I think it is called Green Heart? I am a follower and would love to win this for my grand niece...thanks for the giveaway!

Staci A said...

I like Panther Stamp Pants. Really interesting songs!

catlady7 said...

Sugar Boat is a cute song! Thanks for the chance to win.

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catlady7 said...

Email subscriber!

espressogurl at hotmail dot com

Danielle said...

I really like Quite Easily Lost. My daughter would love this!

Susie Buetow said...

Gustafer Yellowgold's Underwater stars is our fav! We enjoyed listening to them! Thanks for the review.

Susie Buetow said...

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Susie Buetow said...

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