Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Black Walnut Cookies - Not for Me

Each week, Thursday's Thoughts poses a new question of the week. This week's question asks, "What are your earliest childhood memories?" I can't remember much before the age of five. My first memory involves cookies and not in a good way. In Kindergarten, I ate black walnut cookies during one of the milk breaks. I don't know where the cookies came from or why anyone would feed children black walnut cookies, but they did. I felt ill almost immediately and asked permission to go to the bathroom. And here's where my earliest memory kicks in. I can vividly and in great detail recall running down a flight of stairs and throwing up once I reached the bottom. I remember green colors. This memory always involves the putrid green color. It also involves sawdust. Seems strange that I would have been present to watch the clean up, but sawdust sticks in my mind. What a lovely, traumatic first memory. I haven't eaten a black walnut cookie since this incident. Good thing, too, because when I was in fourth grade, I saw an allergist. They conducted one of those skin prick tests for allergies and guess what? My body reacted to the walnut test, forming a very large, swollen welt over the prick site.

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Ryan@Cool Dad Central said...

I'm wondering if they had throwing up in mind when they asked you about your earliest memories. But now that I think about it, a lot of my most vivid college memories involve that... ;o)

Chris said...

Ewwww - The sawdust thing cracks me up. I always thought our janitors were the most inventive people because they used sawdust.

jen@odbt said...

That is definitely something you won't forget. I remember kissing a boy (on his cheek) in kindergarten. Are you still allergic?

Census said...

It's strange the things that stick in our minds from childhood. Mind you I'm not surprised you remember that one!!

I can remember a new coat when I was about 4 years old. It was way too big and it was summer...but I insisted that I went shopping with it on. I got hot but I felt good!!

Jo said...

It is strange what we remember and funny too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck with EC, it gets easier!

Unknown said...

I had soooo many childhood memories but one thing I can't really forget was when me and my friends lost in the woods and end up inside a cemetery. It's scary but it gave us lesson not to wonder inside the woods. LOL!

By the way, thanks for dropping by at my page. You are right, paint gives other outlook of my room. It looks nicer now and yes, the smell of paint is almost gone. Hope to hear from you again and hoping we can xchange link if you don't mind. Thanks a lot!

ANovelMenagerie said...

My mom and my sister are both allergic to walnuts, but not me.

Thanks for participating.

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