Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Send Someone a Special Valentine - Valentines With a Vintage Look

I love vintage Valentines. They are so ornate and beautiful. The quality of today's cheap commercial valentine's for kids are quite frankly a huge disappointment to me. But, actual antique valentines are usually quite costly to buy from dealers. So I've searched around and found a few different options for new Valentines with an antique, classic feel. Here are a few old-fashioned Valentine's available for purchase. Hope you enjoy!

Vintage Valentines (Press Out Book)

Valentine Postcards

Cavallini Glitter Vintage Carte Postale Valentines' Day Cards set of 12 (6 different designs)

My Punny Valentine - Vintage Look Greeting Card Package of 15

1950s Style Space Valentines


Unknown said...

Why limit yourself to vintage valentines? Modern designs can have a special meaning too.

Brimful Curiosities said...

Yes, there are many modern valentines that are gorgeous. The theme of my post was vintage valentines so that's why only vintage styles were covered.