Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reading Rainbow Young Writers & Illustrators Contest

Wow, Reading Rainbow has been airing for quite awhile! I remember watching it as a kid and wanting to check out all the books discussed on the show from my local library. LeVar is still there with all the great reads (he's been the host since the show began over 25 years ago!) Take some time to visit the Reading Rainbow website. There's lots of guides, games, printables and activities available for kids.

The 2009 Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest is now open for entries. Kids in kindergarten through third grade can enter a story they write and illustrate. Check your local PBS station for more information. This is the 15th year the contest has been held. Looks like the submissions are due around the end of March 2009.

(Photo by dravenh, shared at morgueFile)