Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Turning Green Book Review and Giveaway

"Now I am green from my head to my toes.
Doing my part for the environment shows.
I buy food with care. I recycle and share.
Keep spreading the word until everyone knows!"

- I'm Turning Green by Rebecca Mattano

Kermit isn't the only one showing off his green lately. This year one of the more popular resolutions is to work toward living a greener lifestyle. Companies all over have incorporated green products into their lines. My husband has suddenly become obsessed with the Green channel on cable and thinks it would be great to "live off the grid" someday. But, up to this point, we really haven't taken the time to discuss any of this in detail with our pre-schooler daughter. Thankfully, there is a new book out just for the littlest green enthusiasts.

The Little Environmentalists has recently released a softcover picture book titled I'm Turning Green written by Rebecca Mattano. It's the Pinkalicious for the green kids. Instead of eating pink cupcakes, the little girl in I'm Turning Green takes part in activities to help out the environment and ends up turning green from head to toe. The book provides an excellent way to introduce the youngest child to eco-friendly practices. Readers follow a little girl as she recycles, conserves water, composts, saves energy and selects local, organic food.

The pictures in the book are unique, digitally altered photographs featuring a young girl's green journey and they cover the entirety of each page spread. The little girl in the book really does turn green! My daughter was slightly worried about the possibility of turning green herself, but she felt better after we explained to her that "turning green" is a figure of speech and really only means helping the earth. Special educational insets on many of the pages provide helpful insights into eco-friendly living. My daughter really enjoyed the I-spy aspect of the book, searching for items to compost and recycle on each page. The "earth notes" in the back of the book are especially helpful for parents and educators and include a lot of great information on how everyone can take strides to live a greener lifestyle.

The Little Environmentalists print their books out of 100% post-consumer waste and use environmentally friendly ink. The company is devoted to eco-friendly business practices and production and is based in Wisconsin. Rebecca Mattano, the author, is a mother to two young daughters and is also an adjunct professor in the field of Environmental Science.

I'm Turning Green, by Rebecca Mattano. The Little Environmentalists, LLC (December 2008), ISBN 9780982037119

Order a copy now from:
thelittleenvironmentalists.com or I'm Turning Green
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The Little Environmentalists has kindly offered to give away (1) copy of I'm Turning Green to a Brimful Curiosities reader.

To enter, visit The Little Environmentalists and leave a comment here telling me one way your family is turning green this year.
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annies home said...

we are doing several things from growing a garden to hanging our clothes outside.


Kaycee said...

We are not using ANY plastic water or juice bottles. We are taking resusable and refilling them!

kayceewilliams at gmail dot com

cpullum said...

This winter I have turned off the sprinkler system to save on water!

Anonymous said...

i no longer buy, own or use any plastic baggies. forget it. i am now using reusable snack containers, or easily recyclable aluminum foil. sugary79@aol.com

Colette S said...

We started with all our lightbulbs and new appliances that we had to purchase when we moved into our new home a few months ago.

We hope to get our family fully supporting our changes to go green and as the money allows we'll try to purchase anything that is good for the environment, whether buying organic foods or just items of clothing or diapering or items for our home.

Staci A said...

We are teaching our son, simple ways to recycle and reuse things, as well as ways to save water, electricity, etc. We know he'll be able to take the simple ideas and expand on them as he grows. We also grow our own garden.

Lisa said...

I compost, recycle, buy organic clothes, organic food, shop local, reusable bags, and so much more lol.

I would give this to my friend who is trying to go green with her family.


Erika Powell said...

We changed all our lightbulbs to the energy conserving ones and we're teaching my four-year-old sister to recycle the cans and bottles

Unknown said...

Recycle, reusable bags, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, changing our lightbulbs.

tatertot374 said...

We recycle everything we can. And use totes in place of plastic bags. Thank you

Anonymous said...

We are really only doing some small things...but hopefully it adds up and every little bit helps. I make our laundry detergent and we are actually recycling newspaper and some plastics. (We live in a rural area where recycling is not pushed very much)

Stacy said...

We are composting everything.

Thanks for the giveaway!


Stacy said...

We are using the reusable shopping bags instead of getting the plastic bags when we go grocery shopping. Thanks for a great giveaway!

Katie said...

This past year we converted to reusable shopping bags. We now have 6 bags that we can use (and once a month use all the bags). We just started saving glass containers (such as spaghetti jars and salsa jars) that we are going to use later on for gifts. We love the dried foods in a bottle with a recipe idea.

Virginia said...

We're eating lots more local foods.

Be sure to enter my cookbook giveaway!

An iMperfect wIfe said...

We're reusing bags for garbage and not buying anymore! We're continuing our homemade lunches in plastics receivables.


Erin said...

I've switched to cloth diapers because they are more eco friendly and I am using the washer and dryer less!

Bailey's Leaf said...

We're swinging back to using the clothes line. We've changed to CFL's. The new thing? I've actually remembered to take my reusable shopping bags into places!

My husband is a park naturalist, so kiddo is kind of a Little Environmentalist already. She's always on the lookout for "triangles" at the bottom of plastics!

Thank you!

flmom said...

We've been pursuing a green lifestyle for several years. One thing we hope to do this year to expand our efforts is install rain barrels to capture water for our garden.

Cresent Moon said...

We recycle as much as we can and use tote bag in place of plastic bags. No little ones here yet (we are adopting) but I teach these things to my nieces and will to our children as well!

Great giveaway!



Cresent Moon said...

I'm a follower of your blog!



LaVonne said...

instead of buying bottled water we went to rei and bought bpa free reusuable bottles. No we refill them with the brita pitcher I got for christmas.

Danielle said...

I bought some eco friendly bags to use instead of getting platic bags at the store.

Sweetpeas said...

We do quite a few "green" things already, one that we'll be starting this year (sort of) is cloth diapers, I used them w/ my (now almost 6 yr old) twins, and will be using them for the new baby that's due in April.

Sacred said...

We are working on doing more Green things, and what a great book to help jump start us!


sacredmpp @ gmail . com

Stephanie said...

We are using SIGG bottles instead of plastic!
tvollowitz at aol dot com

Kristie said...

We're switching out our lightbulbs to the energy efficient kind (as the old ones burn out.)

khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Jenna said...

I have started using reusable shopping bags and water bottles. I also try to bike if I am only going a short distance. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

No more plastic bags and no more bottled water! utgal2004[at]yahoo[dot]com

Erin Sipes said...

We are switching out more of our lightbulbs, I plan on 'putting up' much of our garden goodies, and finally no more paper towels-we didn't use them much anyway, our messes are bigger than they can handle. :)

Heather said...

We're already pretty green but we are really trying to precycle more this year. I think that's what they're calling it, that means buying things with little or no packaging like bulk shopping!

Unknown said...

My family uses the energy star light bulbs and we turn the heat back to 55 when we are not home and 60 at night. Thanks for a great giveaway

Alice H said...

I love how the book itself is printed on recycled material. My family is making sure we recycle more this year. Thanks for the chance - alicedemske at hotmail.com

Miss Spoken said...

We've nixed the disposable plastic water bottles.

Anonymous said...

we are using cloth shopping bags, cloth dishtowels instead of paper towels and and making our own cleaners.

Ginny said...

getting better at bring canvas bags for shopping to all stores, not just grocery!

Leah said...

We love growing our own veggies and fruits and inspiring our friends and neighbors to do the same! It's truly magical and Mother Earth loves it! : )))

Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


Leah said...

I am following you on TWITTER....username leahita.

And, I TWITTERED about this give~away.


Thanks again! : )))


Kristen said...

All three of my boys carry these Earthlustut water bottles for school and packed lunches!