Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sweet Pinkalicious Cupcakes for Everyone!

Darn! Yesterday was National Chocolate Cupcake Day and somehow we missed it. Apparently, yesterday was also "Sweetest Day" here in the Midwest. We did not celebrate that, either. So, today we are going to play some catch-up. We are going to make some sweet chocolate cupcakes and frost them with pink icing.

Why pink icing you may ask? Well, it just so happens my daughter found this silly book at the library last week called Pinkalicious, written by Elizabeth Kann and Victoria Kann. The cupcakes in the book are completely pink, not just the icing. Pinkalicious, the little girl, eats WAY too many pink cupcakes and turns a lovely shade of pink! She ends up needing to consume green veggies in order to turn back to normal. Just a little warning...the girl in the book is quite naughty (she climbs furniture and sticks her tongue out) and the book portrays vegetables as unsavory. So, while the book is a lot of fun, you may want to point out all the bad behavior, and change the wording on the veggie page while reading. And, lucky for us, our cupcakes today will be mostly chocolate, so we won't be in danger of turning shades of pink (my daughter is a little concerned this may happen to her!)

Visit for Pinkalicious fun, including printables and more.

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