Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CLR Tackle It Tuesday and Product Review

This is our tale of CLR Tackle It Tuesday, presented in conjunction with 5 Minutes for Mom - Tackle It Tuesday #126.

The main character appears at left: The bottle of CLR Bath & Kitchen Multi-Surface Cleaner we received directly from the manufacturer, Jelmar, a week ago. The other character would be my husband, also known around here as, "The Best Hubbie in the World." He is the resident tough job tackler with an arsenal of cleaners and chemicals. (I'm a nursing mama, so therefore off the hook when it comes to dealing with chemicals for now.) The tackle takes place in our lovely red kitchen, or to be more precise by the dirty, grimy kitchen sink covered in calcium, lime and hard water deposits. You can see the picture below for documented evidence.

The Kitchen Sink BEFORE the Tackle

Together hubbie and CLR fought an easy battle (due to the power of CLR) and defeated the months old build up. He aimed the CLR about 6-8 inches from the sink directly at the problem areas, let the CLR cleaner sit for a few minutes, and wiped the surface off with a rag. Easy as pie. After rinsing with water, result was a nice, shiny, like-new kitchen sink and a very happy wife.

The Kitchen Sink AFTER the Tackle

What did hubbie have to say about his experience with his new friend, CLR?

The Pros: The bottle delivered on its promise. It effectively and easily removed the crud from our kitchen sink without needing much extra elbow grease, as long as you applied the CLR directly to the area that needs cleaning and let it sit a few minutes. The nozzle is easy to aim at difficult to reach areas. CLR also easily removed the soap scum in our shower and bathtub, something that some other cleaners don't easily eliminate. The product has EPA approval and is recognized for safer chemistry.

The Cons: Need to use rubber gloves. Definitely follow the warnings about using in a ventilated area. The odor is a little strong and headaches could occur, lungs could get irritated or eyes could sting. Probably not the best choice for pregnant or nursing (that's me) moms. There are safer options out there in that case (like vinegar, water and baking soda).

Final say: CLR works great for occasional use when the crud gets out of hand.

That's our story. Sink is clean. Tub is clean. The end.


Susie said...

Great tackle and a great review:-) I agree. It is great for projects but not very everyday use:-)

Lorie said...

I sort of love this stuff! It does make everything so shiney!!

And I LOL at your comment about your grandmas eye sight! That has been a life saver for me!!

ParentingPink said...

Wow the CLR works well! Love the clean up songs to go with it! LOL

elwin said...

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Good luck!