Thursday, October 16, 2008

Actually Her Party - SanDisk Contest Entry

This weekend we are attending a surprise birthday party. My preschooler daughter can hardly contain herself. (She hasn't given it away, though.) She's also wondering why it isn't her birthday more often. But, really, can you blame her? The cake, frosting, balloons and presents really do live up to the hype.

To get in the mood early, we've been reading about birthdays. This Is Actually My Party by Lauren Child is part of the Charlie and Lola series of books. In the book, Lola takes over during Charlie's birthday, opens up his some of his cards and presents and serves cupcakes with pink icing. (Hopefully my daughter isn't taking notes.)

Well, even though my daughter can't have a birthday everyday she can watch her birthday every day. We have entered a short video of her 3rd birthday in the SanDisk Point and Shoot Film Festival Contest. Her uncle took the video earlier in the year before we even knew about the contest with a Kodak DX7630 Zoom Digital Camera. He was supposed to be taking pictures, but instead captured the activity on film. Like SanDisk says, "Life Moves." Photographs really don't do this little episode of our life justice, but the video is priceless. Who needs fancy birthday party supplies and entertainers? We've got a blankie monster grandpa peekaboo and some free paper water cups (a.k.a. party hats). See them for yourself...

Best 3rd Birthday Party EVER - SanDisk Film Festival YouTube Entry

Thanks to 5 Minutes for Mom for making us aware of this contest! And if you get a chance, feel free to rate our video while you are at YouTube!