Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Curious about my blog?

Why do I blog?

Some say, "Curiosity killed the cat." I tend to disagree. I believe curiosity is a valuable quality that leads us to explore life, gain experience and seek out what is new. I am naturally inquisitive about many things but am especially interested in children's books and media and educational toys and products. I suppose this is not unusual given the fact that I am a mother to small children. This development in my life may have increased my passion for these things, but I'd been a children's literature (and product) fan long before the kids arrived. Books and music played a huge part in my own childhood. I was lucky to have parents that wanted to inspire their children. I know not all children are as lucky, but I hope that through blogs like mine, more parents, grandparents, and others will be exposed to the available materials that can help children grow to love books, art, music and all the other good things in life.

As much as I love my kids I also relish "my time" as a mommy and think all mommies deserve something a little special from time to time. Therefore, occasionally I also feature mommy products and Wisconsin based items on my blog.

I publish the "Full to the Brim - Kid's Book Giveaways List" every Friday. This is a list I compile by hand of all the children's book contests and giveaways that I find occurring in bloggyland each week.

Why Brimful Curiosities?

I collect Mother Goose nursery rhyme books. One of my favorite vintage publishing companies is Platt and Munk. They published a book edited by Watty Piper that I absolutely love called The Brimful Book: A Collection of Mother Goose Rhymes, Animal Stories. I thought the word "brimful" would make a wonderful blog title, particularly when combined with "curiosities." My blog is full to the brim with lots of interesting tidbits for curious children and parents. Aren't you curious to read more??

More About Me

• I have worked in four different libraries in my lifetime. I was a children's librarian at one of them.
• The public library I frequented as a child was very, very tiny. Footage of the library equaled only 707 sq. feet total!
• I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.
• My two small children and my wonderful, supportive husband are the loves of my life.
• I am a Christian and volunteer as webmaster for the small rural church we attend.

My header
I don't think I've mentioned the garden picture on my header yet. My grandparents live on a farm in the country and have one huge garden. I was lucky enough during my childhood to enjoy many summers worth of bounty. The strawberries were one of my favorites. I also loved planting and digging up potatoes and eating the green beans right off the plants. Once we found a potato that looked like a Mickey Mouse head. I took it to school for show and tell. There really is nothing like eating fresh vegetables and fruits right from the garden. The produce you buy from the store doesn't even begin to compare.

Anyway, we've made it tradition to go out every spring and help plant the garden. My daughter has helped since she was able to walk. Like me she also especially loves planting and harvesting the potatoes. (And, of course, eating them as well!) In the picture on the top of my blog you can see four generations working together spading the garden to ready it for planting. I took the picture last spring as my father, grandfather, daughter and brother were all working the soil.


Anonymous said...

I just found this blog and love it! I've subscribed through bloglines now. I'm also a Barefoot Books stallholder, and am so passionate about children's literature and instilling a sense of community and drive for learning in my kids! Can't wait to read more!


Here And Happy! said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. That's how I found YOUR blog! I'm an ancient kindergarten teacher and also collect Mother Goose. Your literature content is right up my alley! Lovin' it.

Unknown said...

I just found your blog and love it! I'm so jealous of your beautiful garden--I had planned to do some vegetable gardening this summer for the first time in MANY years, but looks like I'll have illustrations to work on soon (I'm an author/illustrator) so it doesn't look like it's the right summer for that. Yay for the book contract, bummer about no garden. :-) Keep up the great blogging!